Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award

This week I received a best-paper award for an article I wrote during the leadership and coaching course at my university. The award was given to me by Dr. Daantje Derks, who is among the leading researchers in the field of positive organizational psychology. Her research focuses on the influence of smartphone use on work-life balance and behaviors related to work engagement such as job crafting. I was honored to receive this award from her.

If you are interested in reading my paper called „Coaching According to Positive Principles: What Can Coaching Learn From Positive Psychology?“, have a look at my research gate profile, where I made the manuscript public.

Given that coaching has an impact on clients’ mental health, it is the responsibility of coaches to apply evidence-based psychological principles in their coaching practice. This paper presents three sets of empirically tested techniques rooted in positive psychology, which coaches can use for that purpose. It reviews studies on solution-focused coaching questions, strength-use interventions, and goal attainment scaling. Based on this, the paper proposes three positive coaching principles with practical implications. Positive coaching has the potential to augment or perhaps even replace classical coaching or counseling techniques, albeit some situations may still require these problem-focused approaches. Future research should examine real-world coaching interactions, in order to compare different coaching techniques and enhance the ecological validity of previous research findings.

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