About me

In short. BSc in psychology, black-belt in judo and 200h certified yoga teacher.

BSc in Psychology. Currently, I am finishing my Bachelor in Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam and specializing in the field work and organizational psychology. I am passionate about the science of positive psychology and how its concepts can be implemented in the workplace to promote engagement, flourishing, and development of people and organizations.

Yoga teacher. In 2017 I have completed a 200h yoga teacher training and received a certification from YOGA ALLIANCE USA. Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps me to stay focused on what matters most to me. It brings me fulfillment to pass this steadiness and peace of mind on to others by being a yoga teacher. For me, yoga is a tool to cultivate values such as gratitude, openness, acceptance, and excellence which links back with my interest in positive psychology.

Black-belt in Judo. Having participated several times in German Championships and European Cups at the cadet and junior level, I have experienced how much dedication and sacrifice is required to be successful in top sports. This motivated me to learn and apply mental training in my preparation for judo competition. These experiences have been an inspiration for me to study psychology, as from that moment on, I have been fascinated by how psychology can help people flourish and perform optimally. I still compete for my team DJK Aschaffenburg in the regional league. Have a look at the website of my team, to stay up-to-date with our competitions or like our facebook page, we can need any support!