Tom Junker

MSc. Tom Junker, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Academic researcher at the Center of Excellence for Positive Organizational Psychology. Current research: Proactive behavior in time of crisis.

Dealing with economic threat in times of Corona

As part of a research project, we investigate how people deal with the consequences of the current Corona crisis in their workplace. If you want to contribute to societal learning from the current crisis and currently still work at least three days a week (home-office included) you can help us tremendously by participating in our research project.

We highly appreciate it, if you share this invitation in your network and with people or organizations who might be interested in participating in our study. Thank you for your help!

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economic threat of Corona

Wirtschaftliche Bedrohung durch Corona

Flucht, Kampf oder Erstarren – Wie veränderte sich Ihr Arbeitsverhalten in den letzten Wochen?

Welche Ressourcen (persönliche, soziale, organisationale) haben Ihnen geholfen mit der wirtschaftlichen Bedrohung auf eine konstruktive Weise umzugehen?

Nehmen Sie an der Online-Studie der Erasmus University Rotterdam teil und tragen auch Sie zum gesellschaftlichen Lernen in Zeiten der Krise bei.

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MSc. Tom Junker, EUR Rotterdam