Tom Junker

MSc. Tom Junker, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Academic researcher and Ph.D. candidate at the Center of Excellence for Positive Organizational Psychology.

Tom Junker Psychology Work Engagement Positive Organizational Psychology


  1. Proactive behavior in agile teams: In this project I investigate how the use of agile work practices in teams enables a context where team members can engage in proactive behaviors (e.g., job crafting, intrapreneurship, taking charge, voice behavior). Status: Data collection ongoing.
  2. Dealing with economic threat due to COVID-19: This project concerns the question when economic threat leads to proactive “fight” behavior vs. destructive “flight” behavior in organizations. Status: Data collection finished – manuscript in writing.
  3. Predicting the scholarly impact of former Ph.D. candidates: The goal of this research is to examine the longitudinal relationships between personality characteristics and scholarly impact (e.g., citation rates, h-indices, publication records)of former Dutch Ph.D. candidates. Status: Data analyses finished – manuscript in writing.


  • A career needs perspective on job crafting: In this project, we examined the longitudinal relationships between kaleidoscope career needs, job crafting, turnover intentions, and voluntary job changes in a sample of 575 Dutch civil servants. Status: Manuscript submitted.

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